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Tasting Notes

" A pleasantly soft style of gin, with a little oiliness and the aromatic notes of lavender and citrus ... A very sippable texture and a bold yet balanced flavor profile, and a lovely lingering finish. "

IWSC, 2016


Gin Foundry

The end product is a rather unique gin - on the nose the floral aromas really come through; drinkers can close their eyes and be transported to a meadow at first light.

Olivier Ward, 2016



Copper pot distilled



Very aromatic, intense, soothing and sensual on the nose, dry and savoury on the palate.
- Provence -

Lemon peel

After distillation reminds of marmalade, adds zesty freshness.
- Sicily -
Wild foraged


Notes of black tea and honey on the nose, smooth on the palate.
- Poland -
Wild foraged


Piney aromatic quality with an earthy warming palate.
- Bulgaria -
Wild foraged & Organic


Raspberry ripple ice cream on the nose, a soft mid-palate with a hint of fruit sweetness.
- Anatolia -

Having hand-picked five distinct botanical ingredients from around the world, going against tradition with notes of Lavender, Mulberry and Honey, Pothecary Gin carefully blends the individually distilled components to create its unique aroma and flavour. The initial burst of soothing lavender aroma gives way to refreshing citrus, supported by Juniper, leading to a hint of Black Mulberry sweetness in tandem with the black tea and honey scent from the Tilia flowers. A smooth, Juniper led gin, with attractive layers of floral Lavender and honeyed Tilia, fresh notes of lemon, and a subtle richness from the Black Mulberries on the palate.



Pothecary gin - the perfect tonic

Our story

Our story


Pothecary Gin was created with a passion for organic, handcrafted, artisan produce. After many months of research, and tasting,  Martin Jennings elected to use the unusual process of distilling each botanical separately, and then blending them together before dilution, which yields incomparable, high quality aromas and flavors, creating an exciting gin that's both well- balanced and refreshingly individual.

Martin previously worked as a Wine Development Specialist, along with earlier stints at Majestic Wine, Hall & Woodhouse, and having run his own wine retail busines for a number of years. Martin is a holder of the WSET Diploma, and an MBA Graduate of Bournemouth University. Martin is also a Certified Educator for WSET, having delivered many wine & spirits courses over the last eight years up to level 3. Martin has amassed over 30 years of experience in hospitality and drinks, both in the on and off-trade. It was  whilst drinking a fairly mediocre G & T after work one day, that Martin mused that he could probably do better! 

Aromas & Flavors: Developed from a selection of over 100 botanicals, utilising the multi-shot distillation process in order for the individual botanical elements to be treated as separate distillates, and then blended to a unique recipe afterwards, before dilution to 44.8% abv.
Equipment: Currently using a 2x60 litre copper pot stills exclusively for Juniper, plus a 40 litre copper pot still that is used for the botanicals other than Juniper. Essentially it is a very basic setup, with traditional, copper alembic pot stills. Increases in demand leading to increased production will be achieved with additional copper pot stills as needed.While the multi-shot distillation process is a time-consuming one, it gives more control over quality, and greater potential for flexibility for additional products with a different botanical focus.
Pothecary Design:  The design of the brand had to coincide with the unique and bespoke feel of the gin itself, championing the unique quality of the ingredients presented through the aesthetic of vintage apothecary packaging. The bottle, design and name protection took a very long time to finalise, with very many alternative names considered and rejected for one reason or another. The cork stopper took over 3 months to source, design and get produced, and exploring the options for sealing the bottle took almost as long. The final label design was created by Adam Larson from Adam & Co following the outline of the anticipated product market, the company ethos, the quality & price positioning of the product within the UK gin market, and the general character of the product. 



British blended gin

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Since its introduction in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) has become the most respected and influential spirits competition in the world. Emphasizing integrity and impartiality, the SFWSC takes great pride in Ensuring That All entries are treated with equal care and consideration to carefully-selected spirits industry experts

An SFWSC medal has come to be the most reliable indication of spirits excellence.

Winning a coveted medal SFWSC is no easy feat. Medal winners are chosen through a rigorous judging process and highly-controlled operation held over four days of precise blind tastings.

The 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, was conducted March 17th through 20th. More than 1,700 spirits were judged this year-the largest Competition in it's 16-year history.

The Double-Gold medal is the highest accolade to bestow on a Spirit - all 42 judges have to unanimously agree that the product is worthy.

World Drinks Awards


The World Gin Awards are part of the prestigious World Drinks Awards programme, launched in 2007 with the World Whiskies Awards and World Beer Awards. Presented by TheDrinksReport.com, the world’s No. 1 online resource for drinks professionals. The World Gin Awards select, reward and promote the best Gin Taste and Design to consumers and trade across the globe.

International Wine and Spirit Competition


Now in its 47th year, the International Wine & Spirit Competition is proud to set the international benchmark for quality, remaining unique in the crowded world of drinks competitions with dedicated tasting premises and the permanent onsite cellar and over 400 global experts judging products for 7 months of the year.

China Wine and Spirit Awards


The CWSA (China Wine & Spirits Awards) is the biggest & most prestigious wine & spirits competition in China. ALL 100 Judges are carefully selected for being the top BUYERS of wines and spirits for this market and are importers, distributors, retailers and sommeliers. Wines and spirits enter from 55 countries and are 'blind tasted'. The awards competition is suitable for wines and spirits already selling in the market, and also those wanting to sell to China.

The Judges at CWSA are drawn from the most prominent positions from throughout China and Hong Kong. These Judges are Responsible for buying 90 million bottles of wine and spirits per year making them the powerhouse of the China wine market.

Judges at CWSA 2016 reflected that the overall quality of the samples was the highest they have ever tasted, demonstrating how global producers are sending the very best products for the China market now. CWSA 2016 was the biggest on record due to the importance of CWSA medals for critical and commercial success.

Dorset Food & Drink Awards


Dorset is renowned for its top-notch produce and the passion of the people who work in the Food & Drink industry.

These awards are designed as a showcase of the great and the good in Dorset, and reward the hardworking people behind them, including suppliers and producers, small farming businesses, chefs, restaurants, pubs and hoteliers.

The competition this year (2016) was outstanding and Dorset Magazine received a record number of votes across all categories.



Serving options

Neat or over ice



serving suggestions

Pothecary Gin is best enjoyed neat or over ice



suggested garnishes

Lemon peel or a thin-cut half slice

Orange peel or a thin-cut half slice

Grapefruit peel or a thin-cut half slice

Fresh Rosemary - lightly hand-crushed

Fresh Lemon Thyme sprig - lightly hand-crushed



Please Sip Responsibly

Vesper Martini


by Ed Fitzpatrick from Chewton Glen


Pothecary 60ml gin
20ml Belvedere Vodka
10ml Lillet Blanc


Shake all the ingredients with ice and fresh Rosemary, double strain into a chilled martini glass and serve with an orange twist

Gin Sours


by Tommo Quy from Captains Club Hotel


Pothecary 50ml gin
25ml lemon juice
20ml Sugar Syrup
1 egg white


Shake & pour into a tumbler

Gin Fizz Royale


by Tommo Quy from Captains Club Hotel


35ml Pothecary Gin
15 ml Lemon Juice
15 ml elderflower Cordial


Shake, pour into large Champagne flute and top up with Champagne, garnish with lemon zest



by Tomek Staron from The Bvlgari Hotel London


35ml Pothecary gin

35ml Carpano Antica Formula 

35ml Campari


Pour ingredients into mixing glass, add ice cubes and stir - garnish with orange peel



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Please drink responsibly

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